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Losing a Bet

So remember when I went to the Gahden to pull for the Boston Celtics? Yeah, me too. That was fun. Except for them losing of course… Especially to this nobody named Lebron James and this other stranger called Kyrie Irving. They play for this strange team called the Cleveland Cavaliers that wears hideous Wine and Gold uniforms. (Oh come on, even my friends who are Cleveland fans agree with me there.) 

Ok maybe I’m just bitter. My team just had a great season where they were supposed to be rebuilding, and we expected to be in the bottom of the league again. Instead, they battled their way into the playoffs. Yes they finished the season 2 games under 500, but still, they made the 7th seed of the playoffs. They earned the respect of the league and they have one of the best young coaches in Brad Stevens. They played the Cleveland Cavaliers pretty well for the whole series. They just didn’t play well enough to win the series, or rather a single game in the series… Well they weren’t good enough. At least they were close in the games and have a bright future ahead of them! And that is the positive spin that I can put on a hard loss and a tough end for the Celtices. 

The end is made personally harder for me because I at least thought the C’s would win one game. In fact, I thought they could win the whole series! Being an overconfident Celtics fan, I made a bet with my friend Vanessa, my cohost on the JVC Sports Block on Monday nights on WTBU, which you can hear from 6 pm to 8 pm on this website. The bet was if the Celtics won the series, Vanessa would have to wear Boston Celtics garb for a whole day. If the Cavs won the series, I would have to wear Cavs gear for a whole day. I thought that the Celtics would win the series and make the Cavs sweat. They’ve given Lebron some trouble before and ended the Cavs’ season in painful ways before. I made the bet with Vanessa! truly thought they would win! But they didn’t. They played competitively for four games but ultimately lost. 

Well, the Celtics lost the series and I lost my bet. Well I have to wear a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt and hat all day tomorrow… Yay… Well I’m not gonna complain too much. I made the bet and I have to abide by my own terms. Even if I’m not that big a fan of it all…  


I made my bed and I have to lay in it. Oh well. Go Celtics!(in 2016…)


High School Musicals

No, I never did High School Musical and I’m happy I didn’t, I don’t like that show. I’m writing this as a sincere congratulations to my friends at Northwest Catholic High School who put up an apparently tremendously successful run of Once On This Island. I’ve not seen that show before but from everything I’ve heard about it, it’s not an easy show to do at all, and NWC deserves a ton of credit for pulling off an excellent run. 

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, I did not actually see this run and j can’t see the performance they have today at 2 pm at the Rice Auditorium at NWC in West Hartford CT. It’s the first year I’ve either not seen or been in since the school did Annie all the way back in 2005. Wow that’s a long time. 

I’ve mentioned on this blog before how much I enjoy performances. Well this group was most responsible for my love of shows. In my time at NWC, I did every musical, 3 of the 4 main stage plays, and a grand total of 12 shows with the Dramateurs in my 4 years at the school. It helped define my time at the school and helped craft my personality as it is today. The best show I did there wasn’t my junior year when we did 42nd Street. My best single performance was my senior year when I played Bert Bratt in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I somehow got an award named after me for the last show. Sweet! I hope this year’s winner of the Chris Lynch Dramateur Award truly does what he loves and loves what he does. 

I was reminded of all this when I woke up and saw this from my friend Susie, who was appreciating her stage manager successor, Michael.  


I couldn’t help but think about my best memories on stage with the Dramateurs and be amazed that it’s been 3 years since I was on that stage. So many times, from hanging with these goofball guys my first year in Godspell, 


to the weird but excellent performance of Little Shop of Horrors,  


to the highlight of my time here, 42nd Street,  


and finally, wrapping it all up with How To Succeed.  


I loved these moments, these people, and everything that goes along with it all. I hope the people there now will appreciate how amazing experience whole thing is. Mrs. Avery was spot on in describing theatre as ephemeral. The experiences will fade and will end, but the memories will last a lifetime. To end this in true Dramateurs fashion, thank you Mrs. Avery and Miss Kate for giving me an amazing venue in which to grow, perform, have fun, and learn about both the art of doing a show and the art of living fully. I hope the people at NWC today understand how awesome a chance they have there. 

Break a leg in your show today! Oh and actually get things done in strike without people just standing idly by. 

Physical Wellness

I love sports and I follow athletes with regularity. I have dreams of being a sports broadcaster, telling tales of great athletes performing amazing feats and doing great things in the arena of competition. I love watching skilled athletes compete. That does not mean that I’m actually in shape though… Oops… I have spurts where I’m regularly at the gym and exercising, which is good. The problem is, it’s not a regular routine. If I am to get into better shape, then I’ll need to make it a real routine. I played a game of softball with guys from the BU Catholic Center against guys from the Christian Navagators. 

  While it was a fun game, we Catholics were defeated by only 2 runs. How’d I do in the game personally? 3-5 with 3 singles, 2 RBI, 2 runs scored. That’s good. The 3 clear errors I had weren’t… 

Oh well. After the game, I went to get some food and put in some study work on my final exams that are rapidly approaching. After that, I had a little more energy and needed to get it out of my system. I went to Fitrec to get a workout in. Most of my workouts have been on the basketball court shooting hoops and doing short sprints. It’s been a great refuge for me when I need to get a breather from college work, and has produced some hilarious stories. But today, half of the upstairs courts were occupied by what looked to be a testing session for a sword based martial arts form. 2 of the 3 downstairs courts were occupied by various things as well. The open courts were thereby crowded by people looking to ball. I had no chance to either get a hoop to shoot by myself or to get into a pick up game. Oh well. So I had to ditch playing hoops and get a traditional workout in. I decided to basically turn it into a leg and core heavy workout. Yes, it was leg day. I didn’t kill my legs they way I often do on those sorts of workouts, but I am feeling the effects of it now.  


Yeah, it was a good time. I actually worked out today!

But physical wellness goes beyond merely exercising. I’ve not done a great job of getting myself off to bed early or eating well… I frequently get off to bed by 1 AM, and not eating healthy things or just eating the same things: salads, fruit, pizza, burgers, cookies, or similar foods. These foods aren’t that bad, but I’m still not resting my stomach that well. I do get better foods and I have gotten some other good and healthy things. Still, I really should be taking better care of myself better in these ways. I’m reminded of this seeing the posts of a friend’s blog. My friend Alison does an excellent job on her blog, Daily Moves and Grooves. It reminds me that basic personal care, sleep included, is fun and needed, and that you can have a healthy and balanced diet here at BU. I’ll make sure to be kinder to myself now. Once I have this post up and on my page I’m going right off to sleep. Yay sleep!  


I’m happy I actually took care of myself today. I worked out, ate pretty well, enjoyed good company, and had a wonderful day of exercise and productive work. Yay me! Now let’s make this more of a routine. 


Yep. I’m leading off with that clip of our friend Jim Mora.
For NBA fans, it is a special time of year. The playoffs are underway! Currently we’re in the first round of the playoffs, where 16 teams are fighting for their seasons every night. The tension in the stands increases, the games get more physical, and the quality of basketball goes up by a huge amount. I’ve followed the NBA with some regularity since about 2006. I’ve seen my team, the Celtics, win a championship on the strength of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Head Coach Doc Rivers. 

  I’ve seen that same team win only twenty games and miss the playoffs completely. I still watch the playoffs every year and enjoy it. 

  But I’ve never been to a playoff game before. I’ve watched a number of them and been to only one regular season and one preseason game, both Celtics games. Tonight though, I finally got to go to a playoff game! And my thought regarding going to the game was: Yes! Playoffs! Playoffs?! No one expected this Boston Celtics team to get into the playoffs at all. They traded away the two best players on the team midway through the season, Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green, and somehow the Celtics still managed to earn the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference of the NBA playoffs. They drew the 2nd seed, the talented and loaded Cleveland Cavaliers. Lucky us… Well they’ve had past playoff success against this team. They won in the 2008 and 2010 Easter Conference Semi-Finals.  


I guess that kinda counts for historical stuff, but not really. They are completely different teams now with revamped rosters, systems, and there’s enough separation from those years to make them irrelevant to this series. The Celtics lost the first two games in Cleveland. Not by much, but a loss is a loss. When the good people of my radio show crew realized that we could see the Celtic play the Cavs, as one of the hosts on the show is a Lebron fan, we immediately looked for and found tickets to get in. We went today after class, and had a wonderful time at the Gahden for everyone’s first playoff game. It was a marvelous time. The Gahen, as I refer to it, was electric. The fans were excited, loud, cheered for every good Celtics play, and booed Lebron James every single time he just touched the ball. Yeah he is not liked here at all. Oh well. The starting intros were a little disappointing and did not live up to what a playoff intro should be. These are what playoff intros should be.
The crowd was still hyped and was into the game right from the start. Sitting with my radio show friends, James and Vanessa, and my friend from the BU Catholic Center, Emma, was absolutely wonderful. The conversations with them at intermissions, timeouts, on the T to and from the Gahden, and cheering the whole night with them (and against Vanessa, the Lebron fan) was a blast.
Ultimately, the efforts by the Celtics were not enough to earn a win. They could not get an offensive or defensive rebound down the stretch and lost to the Cavs 103-95. The Celtics went down 3 games to 0. Well yeah, that happened. Losing is never fun, but they played an awesome game. And it’s been a wonderful season for a team that was supposed to miss the playoffs completely this year. I’m just accepting that I’ll likely lose a bet with Vanessa that will require me to wear a Cavs shirt/hat for a whole day… Oh the humiliation… Oh well. I made the bet knowing the odds. Let’s see if the Celtics can at least avoid the humiliation of a sweep on Sunday afternoon! And let’s see how kind I can be to my voice in the next few days after I put a great amount of stress on it by cheering my lungs out!

Holy Rollers!

I’ve been involved in a Bible Study with a great crew of people for the last two years. The study can at time look like a feast where we talk about scripture, ok well actually that’s what it is most of the time. I’ve learned so much about how to read and appreciate scripture, how to open my heart to God, and how to enjoy good company of quality men. Our study meets on Monday this year, so we had our study today, sorta. We decided to take a breather from doing scripture reading tonight. We got off campus and went to King’s Bowling near the Prudential Center in Boston. I hadn’t been bowling for many years before going tonight. So that made for an interesting time. We played two games, the first as just a fun game, and the second one had a good competition: Winner gets drinks from the people he beats. Unfortunately for me, I did not win either game. In fact I finished last in the game that decided drinks… Oops. Well I figured out what I needed to do to play well and I bowled a few strikes. It was a good night with awesome company. Plus it was a good last reprieve before final exams and papers. 


Now on Stage!

I’m a performer by nature. I love getting to tell a story, put on a show, get a laugh or a reaction out of people. I did theatre for many years. I did shows from middle school to high school and with a troupe over the summer time the last two years. Since I’ve been in college though, I’ve not had a real opportunity to be in a show. I’ve had small chances to perform in skits and singing with folks with the BU Catholic Center, but I’ve not had anything on the big scale that I’ve done so many times before. I got a chance to do some performing yesterday, which served as a nice change of pace in between exams and papers that are upcoming and imminent.

On Saturday afternoon, I took part in a comedy marathon put on by Liquid Fun, the largest comedy group on campus. As I’ve written before on here, I take part in an improv comedy troup at the BU Catholic Center called the Sistine Chaps. I’ve enjoyed it every time I’ve gone to practice with them, and we got our first chance to perform as a part of the Comedy marathon. The marathon as a whole was a smashing success. As for our group? We had some fun. We did a pretty good job for our first time on stage. As for me personally? Eh. I’m out of performing shape and I’ve not done too much improv performance before. I’ve done a lot of stage work for scripted plays, and I can deliver a line for a character and a script, but I’m not that experienced in the art of improv. I still had fun doing it though. 

 After the comedy set, I got food at Bartley’s with my radio show crew to celebrate my co-host James’s birthday.  


 I went back, got some work done, then went out swing dancing with a group of friends. We had a blast, even though it took us some time to figure out some of the more basic pieces of the form. Again, I’ve done musicals before, so I’ve done dancing before, but I’ve always been a better singer and actor than dancer. Dancing has never been my strongest skill. I still had a ton of fun and want to go out for another swing night. 

 All in all, a fun day of performances, even if its not forms of performing that I’m used to doing or in some cases really that good at. I still had fun and enjoyed the whole day.

Who I Run Into

People are interesting. I mean that. People are genuinely interesting. They all have cool stories filled with too many twists and turns to count. True, some are more interesting than others. But life in general keeps us on our toes and fills it with stories to share. 

Why do I have this random thought right now? Because I’ve had some fun encounters, especially tonight. I was cooped up inside for a good amount of the last few days, so I took a chance to just wander and get outside. While out, I both met strangers and ran into old friends. Wandering through the George Sherman Union at BU, I ran into a friend who was on my team for FYSOP when I did it before my freshman year. I haven’t seen her much this year, so any chance I get to talk with her about how we’re doing in our work and school directions, I enjoy getting that chance. 

Random encounters with friends I’ve not seen for a while are fun. Talking with random people you just happen to meet on the streets is fun too. Not something you should do with frequency, but something I do. I didn’t have any of those tonight, but I’ve had some funny ones in the past. I had two funny ones last summer, when I met a homeless guy who was selling newspapers one day, then met a guy my age who was going to join the military soon thereafter on a different day. Both times, my then girlfriend joined at the end of the conversation and I think laughed at me for my ability to get into a wall with a brick, let alone with a random guy on the streets. I’ve done that with guys who got random selfies on my phone, while they should have been taking photos of me and my friends. I still have that evidence.  

 Those guys were fun. 

I hope I can use this skill of meeting people at the drop of a hat somehow! I used it once before to meet Peter Gammons only earlier this week.  

 Let’s see how I can use that skill!