Bartley’s? Yes please! Thanks Dad!

My dad was in town on Monday. He was a part of a real estate class jury at Harvard, his alma mater. He had an opportunity to catch up with me for lunch, so I hopped on the suddenly timely Green line, and rode to the more dependable Red line to Harvard Square to catch up with him Monday afternoon at the best burger place in the Boston area, Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers. 

If you’re not from here, or haven’t been here before, and don’t know about this place, I feel bad for you. It’s a wonderful place. It’s small and homey, which can be a problem, but it feels comfortable enough to want to go back. Their menu is well made and hilarious. Yes, a menu is hilarious. Take a look.  


This is the front page of the menu at Bartley’s. It’s a great time to just read the funny quips and remarks on politics and sports. My kinda place! But the best thing is the food itself. The cover picture is the burger I had. Take another look at it here.  


The burger was cooked to perfection, the fries were crisp and lovely, and the meal in total was awesome. I knew I was in for a good burger there. Last year, the menfolk of the BU Catholic Center put together a weekly journey to local burger joints to find the best burger joint in Boston. We rated Bartley’s Burgers as the best place in the area. It lived up to expectations. Plus getting to talk to my dad was wonderful. He’s the smartest guy I’ve ever known, and it’s refreshing to get out of my BU circle to go see him in any capacity. 

Thanks for the burger and conversation Dad!

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