Political Correctness: A War of Semantics

My friend Brad is very right in saying all this. It’s a good reminder for us to actually love and care for each other, and not let political correctness get in our way. I truly think that political correctness is dangerous to our country and we have to do something to counteract it. Read, learn why I say that, and enjoy.

Special opinion

Following the events in Ferguson, Kathy McCartney, president of Smith College sent out an email to the student body urging them to stand in vigil for Michael Brown following Officer Darren Wilson’s non-indictment.  The following quote appeared in this appeal and thus she was forced to issue an apology:

“All lives matter.”

How dare she! The nerve of an intelligent, liberal woman to say that “all lives matter” overshadows the plight of the black community!  To equally validate the worth of people of all races and ethnicities rather than just black people in this regard is downright ignorant! I think you get the point.  But to students at Smith College, the response evoked outrage from the school’s primarily upper-class, white, female student body on social media platforms and a protest in response to their president’s commentary on the situation.

Political correctness, as it is applied in society today, has gone…

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