So what is this place anyway?

My post yesterday was my 200th post. That actually completed the 2nd run through of the 100 Happy Days Challenge I’ve done on this blog, even though I took a long hiatus in the middle of it for Lent. So with the end of the challenge I have to consider, what is this blog to me now? Well I want to keep writing on this page. I don’t want to write on my Curious Observations blog anymore, I’m just not happy at all with the way my material became so 1 track minded and so downright depressing at times. I’d rather keep using this one, where I’m actually pleased with enough of the material to keep writing on it. 

I created this blog a little over a year ago when a few friends posed the 100 Happy Days challenge to me. I liked the idea, so I jumped at the possibility, and I was pleased with the number of things I could talk about here. Political stuff, thoughts on God, my friendships, suits, sports, school, jobs, theatre, and whatever else I wanted to discuss. The challenge ended in the summer and I was in a fantastic place. I was happy with school, in a good relationship with both God and my girlfriend, with whom I did the challenge, and generally happy with my situation. A few months went by, and I kept blogging on my other blog about my adventures that summer, and when I got back to school in the fall, I had to stop blogging so I could focus on my semester. I had a tough fall semester. I didn’t do as well grades wise as I wanted, my girlfriend and I broke up, and my relationship with God got pretty strained. I felt as though I got lost on the road, so I decided to start blogging again and redo the 100 Happy Days Challenge here. I wasn’t quite as successful the 2nd time around. I still had a variety of things to discuss. I still some interesting topics to write about and great stories to share, but my writing didn’t get better and I felt stuck. I took a break for Lent near the end of my challenge, and completed the challenge only yesterday.

So where am I after the second run through of the challenge? Well not as good as the first time, but still pretty good. I’ve had an ok semester grades wise, a great semester with regards to my broadcasting work, an ok one with my relationship with God, and a non-existent one with several friends. I’ve not talked to my ex girlfriend in months and miss her dearly. I count her friendship as one of the best I’ve ever had and I miss just being able to laugh with and talk with her as a normal human being. I guess it was to be expected that I would have some points of awkward separation, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. I do want to see her and try to rebuild a regular friendship with her, which yes, I know that’s not an easy thing to do but I still want to. My relationship with God is better now than it was in the fall, thankfully. I’m still working to improve it, and still want to get closer to Him. But I’ll take the improvements I’ve had so far. I’ll have a better chance today to improve it. As I wrote yesterday, I don’t like Good Friday very much. However, as little as I like Good Friday, I absolutely love Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil. It is by far the most beautiful service we celebrate in the Catholic Church. So I’m excited for tonight and I’m sure I’ll get some graces tonight from God. 

Well that’s the story of this blog so far. Where does it go from here? Well I will keep writing on here and will use it as a regular blog. I’ll try writing the good things that happen in my life here. Hopefully people read what I write about here and use my stories to inspire themselves to better things. At least that’s my hope. My goal is to post at least 4 times a week from now on. If I have a week where I post something everyday, sweet! If not, well no harm no foul. As long as I get 4 a week, I’ll be happy. Let’s see where the road takes me going forward. If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, thank you so much for following it. I hope I give you more material to enjoy and learn from. God bless you all!

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