What a Day! Easter and Baseball!

This past weekend was the holiest weekend for the Christian world. The emotion of the church covers the complete range of potential human emotions. 

Holy Thursday: Awe of what happens around you. Jesus washes your feet and serves you in a way that you don’t expect or believe you deserve. Then a sort of confusion sets in. Holy Thursday ends unusually. Instead of the usual final hymn and departure, we process out of the church chanting “Stay with Me; Remain here with Me; Watch and Pray”. At the BUCC, we organize a trip between the different churches in the Boston area that ends at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross for Night Prayer with Cardinal Sean. It’s a wonderful trip, but it’s not in the usual prayer life of the Church. 

Good Friday: Sadness. Jesus Christ dies. This is the saddest day in the life of the Christian world. Read my post here to get my full take on Good Friday. 

Holy Saturday: Trepidation and odd silence. Jesus is in the tomb. He has descended into the underworld. He has important business to take care of. But it’s hard to see. There’s a great deal of quiet, as we are still mourning the death of our God. But there is hope. The Easter Vigil begins in quiet, the way the day itself does. It ends in light, and an explosion of happiness, joy, and utter peace because He is truly risen. 

Easter Sunday: Joy and Elation. He is Alive! He is truly risen! What have we to be sad or fearful of? We ought be joyful, happy, and riding high. 

The Easter Season has now begun. We in the BU Catholic Community will be joyful and happy for the duration of the season and beyond. I will be happy with God holding me. 

He also gave us a great gift, the return of baseball. I grew up watching and playing baseball as a kid, and I love the communal feeling that watching a game at a ballpark provides. With April beginning, the baseball season got underway last night, Easter Sunday night, with a game between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. I love Wrigley Field. It’s a great ballpark, and a wonderful old time baseball atmosphere. I enjoyed it when I went over the summer, and the Cubs are a good team. Last night’s 3-0 loss is not indicative of how the season will unfold for the Cubs, in my opinion. I predicted on my radio show last calender year that the Cubs will win a World Series in the next 3 seasons. And they will play inspired baseball this year to honor the passing of the greatest Cub of all, Ernie Banks. Good luck to the Cubs this season. 

My team is the Boston Red Sox. They will look to rebound from a last place performance in the division to get to the playoffs after rebuilding the lineup and starting rotation. I’ll write a full prediction slate for the team after I see one game, opening day today in Philadelphia. It will be curious to see how the team manages the crowded outfield and works the starting rotation. I hope Koji gets healthy quickly! And I think we will at least finish above last place. I’m just excited to get to my favorite sports place in the world, Fenway Park

Hope springs eternal. Jesus is the ultimate source of all our hope, and our earthly joys, like baseball are supplements to His love. This baseball season will be awesome to watch, and the teams will play hard. They’re currently in a state of excitement for the start of the season. Life begins again for them in a way. Life begins again for the Christian as well, as Jesus saves us. With that in mind, thank you God, and go Red Sox!  

6 thoughts on “What a Day! Easter and Baseball!

    • A fascinating piece and a wonderful question. Passion for me is essential to being a human being. It is a sense of loving something or someone far beyond yourself, to the point where you follow it regularly, get better in that skill, field, and improve your life by improving your skills. In short, it’s the love you have for someone else or something else that drives you to success, peace, and happiness.

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