Night out enjoying the funk.

College does not leave me with very many chances to get off campus and enjoy myself. The combination of broadcasting, Catholic Center stuff, and school work often precludes any other activities. Well it’s a Friday night, and I got a chance to get off campus for the night! 

The BUCC has a group of Missionaries from FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) who serve with us, lead Bible studies, and make our lives generally more holy and fun. The male missionaries have a place in Cambridge and they hosted a party for us, complete with snacks, drinks, a conga line, a game of limbo, great music, a smoke machine, flashing lights and a disco ball. It was billed as a funk party and it lived up to the billing. We dressed in as funky a way we could, and truthfully not all of us succeeded. I don’t have that style of clothes, so I didn’t look in the funk style. My friend Wes Woods, as seen in the cover picture for this post made it work masterfully. Though the unquestioned winner of the night was my man Albert. Just enjoy this look.  


Here’s a pic of three awesome bros, and they hit the epitome of funk.  


I loved the night. Great party, awesome dancing and company, and I didn’t need to have a single drop of booze to have a fun time. And who says Catholics don’t know how to party?

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