Who I Run Into

People are interesting. I mean that. People are genuinely interesting. They all have cool stories filled with too many twists and turns to count. True, some are more interesting than others. But life in general keeps us on our toes and fills it with stories to share. 

Why do I have this random thought right now? Because I’ve had some fun encounters, especially tonight. I was cooped up inside for a good amount of the last few days, so I took a chance to just wander and get outside. While out, I both met strangers and ran into old friends. Wandering through the George Sherman Union at BU, I ran into a friend who was on my team for FYSOP when I did it before my freshman year. I haven’t seen her much this year, so any chance I get to talk with her about how we’re doing in our work and school directions, I enjoy getting that chance. 

Random encounters with friends I’ve not seen for a while are fun. Talking with random people you just happen to meet on the streets is fun too. Not something you should do with frequency, but something I do. I didn’t have any of those tonight, but I’ve had some funny ones in the past. I had two funny ones last summer, when I met a homeless guy who was selling newspapers one day, then met a guy my age who was going to join the military soon thereafter on a different day. Both times, my then girlfriend joined at the end of the conversation and I think laughed at me for my ability to get into a wall with a brick, let alone with a random guy on the streets. I’ve done that with guys who got random selfies on my phone, while they should have been taking photos of me and my friends. I still have that evidence.  

 Those guys were fun. 

I hope I can use this skill of meeting people at the drop of a hat somehow! I used it once before to meet Peter Gammons only earlier this week.  

 Let’s see how I can use that skill! 

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