Now on Stage!

I’m a performer by nature. I love getting to tell a story, put on a show, get a laugh or a reaction out of people. I did theatre for many years. I did shows from middle school to high school and with a troupe over the summer time the last two years. Since I’ve been in college though, I’ve not had a real opportunity to be in a show. I’ve had small chances to perform in skits and singing with folks with the BU Catholic Center, but I’ve not had anything on the big scale that I’ve done so many times before. I got a chance to do some performing yesterday, which served as a nice change of pace in between exams and papers that are upcoming and imminent.

On Saturday afternoon, I took part in a comedy marathon put on by Liquid Fun, the largest comedy group on campus. As I’ve written before on here, I take part in an improv comedy troup at the BU Catholic Center called the Sistine Chaps. I’ve enjoyed it every time I’ve gone to practice with them, and we got our first chance to perform as a part of the Comedy marathon. The marathon as a whole was a smashing success. As for our group? We had some fun. We did a pretty good job for our first time on stage. As for me personally? Eh. I’m out of performing shape and I’ve not done too much improv performance before. I’ve done a lot of stage work for scripted plays, and I can deliver a line for a character and a script, but I’m not that experienced in the art of improv. I still had fun doing it though. 

 After the comedy set, I got food at Bartley’s with my radio show crew to celebrate my co-host James’s birthday.  


 I went back, got some work done, then went out swing dancing with a group of friends. We had a blast, even though it took us some time to figure out some of the more basic pieces of the form. Again, I’ve done musicals before, so I’ve done dancing before, but I’ve always been a better singer and actor than dancer. Dancing has never been my strongest skill. I still had a ton of fun and want to go out for another swing night. 

 All in all, a fun day of performances, even if its not forms of performing that I’m used to doing or in some cases really that good at. I still had fun and enjoyed the whole day.

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