Physical Wellness

I love sports and I follow athletes with regularity. I have dreams of being a sports broadcaster, telling tales of great athletes performing amazing feats and doing great things in the arena of competition. I love watching skilled athletes compete. That does not mean that I’m actually in shape though… Oops… I have spurts where I’m regularly at the gym and exercising, which is good. The problem is, it’s not a regular routine. If I am to get into better shape, then I’ll need to make it a real routine. I played a game of softball with guys from the BU Catholic Center against guys from the Christian Navagators. 

  While it was a fun game, we Catholics were defeated by only 2 runs. How’d I do in the game personally? 3-5 with 3 singles, 2 RBI, 2 runs scored. That’s good. The 3 clear errors I had weren’t… 

Oh well. After the game, I went to get some food and put in some study work on my final exams that are rapidly approaching. After that, I had a little more energy and needed to get it out of my system. I went to Fitrec to get a workout in. Most of my workouts have been on the basketball court shooting hoops and doing short sprints. It’s been a great refuge for me when I need to get a breather from college work, and has produced some hilarious stories. But today, half of the upstairs courts were occupied by what looked to be a testing session for a sword based martial arts form. 2 of the 3 downstairs courts were occupied by various things as well. The open courts were thereby crowded by people looking to ball. I had no chance to either get a hoop to shoot by myself or to get into a pick up game. Oh well. So I had to ditch playing hoops and get a traditional workout in. I decided to basically turn it into a leg and core heavy workout. Yes, it was leg day. I didn’t kill my legs they way I often do on those sorts of workouts, but I am feeling the effects of it now.  


Yeah, it was a good time. I actually worked out today!

But physical wellness goes beyond merely exercising. I’ve not done a great job of getting myself off to bed early or eating well… I frequently get off to bed by 1 AM, and not eating healthy things or just eating the same things: salads, fruit, pizza, burgers, cookies, or similar foods. These foods aren’t that bad, but I’m still not resting my stomach that well. I do get better foods and I have gotten some other good and healthy things. Still, I really should be taking better care of myself better in these ways. I’m reminded of this seeing the posts of a friend’s blog. My friend Alison does an excellent job on her blog, Daily Moves and Grooves. It reminds me that basic personal care, sleep included, is fun and needed, and that you can have a healthy and balanced diet here at BU. I’ll make sure to be kinder to myself now. Once I have this post up and on my page I’m going right off to sleep. Yay sleep!  


I’m happy I actually took care of myself today. I worked out, ate pretty well, enjoyed good company, and had a wonderful day of exercise and productive work. Yay me! Now let’s make this more of a routine. 

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