Losing a Bet

So remember when I went to the Gahden to pull for the Boston Celtics? Yeah, me too. That was fun. Except for them losing of course… Especially to this nobody named Lebron James and this other stranger called Kyrie Irving. They play for this strange team called the Cleveland Cavaliers that wears hideous Wine and Gold uniforms. (Oh come on, even my friends who are Cleveland fans agree with me there.) 

Ok maybe I’m just bitter. My team just had a great season where they were supposed to be rebuilding, and we expected to be in the bottom of the league again. Instead, they battled their way into the playoffs. Yes they finished the season 2 games under 500, but still, they made the 7th seed of the playoffs. They earned the respect of the league and they have one of the best young coaches in Brad Stevens. They played the Cleveland Cavaliers pretty well for the whole series. They just didn’t play well enough to win the series, or rather a single game in the series… Well they weren’t good enough. At least they were close in the games and have a bright future ahead of them! And that is the positive spin that I can put on a hard loss and a tough end for the Celtices. 

The end is made personally harder for me because I at least thought the C’s would win one game. In fact, I thought they could win the whole series! Being an overconfident Celtics fan, I made a bet with my friend Vanessa, my cohost on the JVC Sports Block on Monday nights on WTBU, which you can hear from 6 pm to 8 pm on this website. http://www.wtburadio.org The bet was if the Celtics won the series, Vanessa would have to wear Boston Celtics garb for a whole day. If the Cavs won the series, I would have to wear Cavs gear for a whole day. I thought that the Celtics would win the series and make the Cavs sweat. They’ve given Lebron some trouble before and ended the Cavs’ season in painful ways before. I made the bet with Vanessa! truly thought they would win! But they didn’t. They played competitively for four games but ultimately lost. 

Well, the Celtics lost the series and I lost my bet. Well I have to wear a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt and hat all day tomorrow… Yay… Well I’m not gonna complain too much. I made the bet and I have to abide by my own terms. Even if I’m not that big a fan of it all…  


I made my bed and I have to lay in it. Oh well. Go Celtics!(in 2016…)

2 thoughts on “Losing a Bet

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