Cape Cod: Summer Nostalgia

The semester is now over. So for now, so long Boston! I’m off to the Cape for the summer!

Well I was there and I will be back soon. After my semester ended last week, I went to the cape to plan my job situation. I have an internship with the Brewster Whitecaps, a team in the Cape Cod Baseball League for the summer. I’ll be writing the team’s games for the whole season. Basically, it’ll be my writing job for the BU basketball team, but for a different sport, team, and league. I can’t express enough how excited I am to start. If you go to one of these games, you get to see good baseball, played by the best collegiate ballplayers in the nation, for free, and in gorgeous Cape Cod. Clean air, crisp sunsets, a cool summer breeze, gorgeous sunlight during the day. It’s a marvelous mix that makes for a wonderful experience. The only problem with Brewster’s set up is that there’s no lights, so we can’t have night games, but oh well. 

But wait, what else did I have to figure out? Well the internship is unpaid. I, being a college student, I have this weird little thing called a lack of money. I need a job to earn a little money. I went ahead and got work with the kitchen staff at Cape Cod Sea Camps. I attended the camp and am a member of that family for the rest of my life. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and there are some fantastic people and memories there.  




  I loved it then, and I’m happy I get to return in some capacity, even if it’s not a glamorous one at all, which kitchen work isn’t. It pays, and it allows me to do the Whitecaps internship. 

And still, this was not the end of my nostalgia trip. I was only there for parts of 2 days and I had a bevy of moments that brought me back to my childhood. Camp, seeing my Cape house, and baseball related stuff were the strongest moments, but I had some serious flashbacks when driving around and getting ice cream at night, getting food at the Brewster House of Pizza, which is my favorite pizza place ever, and just hanging out and enjoying the place. 

There were two other awesome experiences that could only be had on the cape. The first was when I went to Stony Brook, a fun little old mill that’s not used for anything more than a quiet place for picnics, gatherings, and quiet reflection. In the first weeks of May, there’s an amazing happening. Herring fish swim up stream. A huge pack of them!! Dozens and dozens and dozens of fish! 

    And some of them do get eaten by the seagulls, but we don’t talk about that too much.  

    If they survive a gauntlet of hard jumps and seagulls, they make it to this peaceful and pristine pond so they can procreate. Sounds like a pretty good reward. 

The last moment of the trip was the one that most made me sit back in awe of the beauty that awaits me this summer. I got a dinner of fried shrimp and French fries. My mom and I drove to Rock Harbour beach, rolled down the windows, opened the sun roof, and enjoyed our dinner out there to this view. 

I get to experience good golf, baseball, beach weather, sunsets, good food, money, and great experiences. Man do I have a great summer ahead of me! Much like some of the summers that have passed to memory.  



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