Quechee Lakes Golf Review: 2 for the price of 1! 

Last week, I was up in the great state of Vermont. My dad’s company had their annual Off-Site event, and they took the show to Quechee, VT. As part of the entertainment, me and dad took people out to the golf course to play one of the two golf courses available for play, the Lakeland Course. On Sunday of that weekend, after everyone else left and before we got on the road, I went to play the other course, the Highland Course, with dad. So I have two courses to review here. I’ll do them both in one review, as they share some similar pieces. A reminder of what I’m judging the courses on.

General Facilities, Fairway Play, Greens, Aesthetics, Total Difficulty. I’ll give a hardest hole and favorite hole for each course.

General Facilities: 7/10

The two courses share the same warm up facilities, so they share the same score here.

The facilities here are generally pretty good. There’s a good place to get dressed and ready before the round. The snacks you can get on the turn for both courses is quality and worth stopping. The meal you can get on the deck after is also very worth it. The chipping and putting greens are right next to each other, and they’re both excellent warm up areas. The driving range is also usually pretty good. The only problem is, and this is why it costs points on this review, that the range wasn’t open! There was a water problem that had to be fixed on the range, as it’s the hill used for skiing during the winter and there’s a snowmaking system for the hill that went wrong. Well stuff happens, but still, no driving range to warm up on! Points deducted.

Fairway Play: Lakeland 8/10   Highland 8/10

Both courses get the same score on this section. They have a great mix of elevation, length, width, and they keep the player entertained and challenged the whole way. Points do come off the board for stretches that aren’t maintained too well, but by and large, the fairways are pretty good.

Greens Lakeland: 10/10  Highland 9/10

They play well on both courses, they’re both good to reach, they’re both a good mix of enjoyable and challenging. The Highland course loses a point because they are frequently sloped and it affects the play a bit too much for my tastes. Still a nice set of greens though.

Aesthetics: Lakeland 10/10 Highland 10/10

Both of these courses are just gorgeous. The Lakeland course has a spectacular set up over part of the lake, as the name demonstrates.


The Highland course has some amazing views and set ups as well.


Both get perfect marks on aesthetics.

Total difficulty: Lakeland 7/10   Highland 9/10

The Lakeland course, though aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to play, is a bit easy. It gets formulaic and easy to determine how to play it. The Highlabd course is much more difficult. There’s more changes in elevation and the two par threes on the back nine have deep ravines in the middle of them to make the hole more intimidating. It’s still a fun challenge and enjoyable to play.

Hardest Hole: Lakeland- 18  Highland 16

The last home of the Lakeland course is a long par 5 that you play after a long round. It’s a step up in difficulty from prior holes, there’s a lake right on the left side of the fairway to begin the hole, then a patch of trees to work through, then a sloped green. It’s a good time.

The 16th hole of the Highland course is a long par 3 with a deep ravine to shoot over, a steep drop in elevation, and it messes with the player’s psyche. Sweet.

Favorite Hole to play: Lakeland 11   Highland 2

Both these holes are long par 5’s. They allow for long irons and hybrid play, which currently are my best clubs. I posted great scores on both holes and hit my best shots here.

Final Scores: Lakeland 42/50  Highland  43/50

These are two fun courses to play. They’re excellent challenges, filled with entertaining holes, and worth an afternoon of play. I personally prefer the Lakeland Course on aesthetics, but the Highland Course is the slightly better course on aggregate, and only so slightly.

2 thoughts on “Quechee Lakes Golf Review: 2 for the price of 1! 

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