Upstate NY: Nice Place to Vacation

I’m just back from a sweet trip into the jungle of wilderness, fun, adventure, and family fun that is upstate New York. More specifically, I went to the Mohonk Mountain House just outside of New Paltz. I had a marvelous trip up out there! We went there because my mom went as a kid, enjoyed it, and wanted to go back there on a vacation. Well, she organized a fun adventure for us and man are we happy there. It turns out that mom is pretty bright. Who knew?(I did!) 

 What did I do while out there? Well, many things. I ate good food, went out in a boat, played golf, went hiking, hurled tomahawks and went horseback riding. Yes, you read those last two. More on those later. 

First,  I got to enjoy an afternoon kayaking with my brother.  

 I spent a good amount of time at the camp I attended on the water, sailing on Cape Cod bay for hours on end. On this trip, a kayak would do. The lake was also just so pretty to be out on. Take a look. 


Continuing the theme of pretty nature moments, we took a hike into the woods and came across some spectacular views of NY State. My goodness is this area beautiful.  





 Go to Upstate NY if you like nature. 

The next day was a lighter day. Relaxing at the hotel and golfing. I already wrote up my experiences at this golf course here. Check it out!

The next day was the most adventurous. For the late morning and early afternoon, we went into the woods to play a round of frisbee golf, on a course that the hotel set up over hills, between trees, and through tough set ups.  


 Unfortunately, i was on the losing team. But it was still a good time! I made some sweet shots, like almost pulling off a hole in one and splitting two trees to land only 2 feet from the hole. Great time.

The most fun on that day was when I went with my dad to throw tomahawks at a target. Oh boy was this fun!! I shot rifles and bows and arrows for a while and had a blast doing it.(See what I did there?) I enjoy projectile and target sports, and this was no different. It’s satisfying to get a good, clean hit. I only got a few but still, it was a good time and the most fun section of the trip for new.  


Next day? And the last day of our little adventure? Horseback riding! I had Benny as my horse. He behaved very nicely, but is clearly a bit older than the other horses and liked taking his time over the trail. Well I got a leisurely trot through pretty woods. Horses are fun creatures. They’re pretty and provide a good bit of entertainment with their antics on the trail. All in all, a good time.  


We left Mohonk and went to Hyde Park to visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt House and Library. While I’m not a fan of FDR, I appreciate that he’s an important figure in American History. He spent the longest time in the White House of anyone in the nation’s history. My favorite subject has always been American history, and  I always appreciate the chance to learn about important American historical figures.    

      The funniest episode happened at dinner that night. I went to dinner at a local steakhouse where our waiter was talkative and kept us entertained. When he learned that we’re New Englanders, he asked if we were Red Sox or Yankees fans. We told him Red Sox(Gasp!!! I’m so shocked!!). When it came time for desert, I ordered a slice of cheesecake which came with, well… this.    

 Yep. An outsider in enemy territory. Awesome. All in all though, it was an awesome vacation and it gets my recommendation for vacation spots. 







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