Red Sox Woes

Red Sox…. I love you. I love the city you represent, I love the park you play in, and I love many players on this team! David Ortiz has a strong case for the Hall of Fame and will have a statue outside Fenway.  

I wore number 15 for my little league team in 2007, when Dustin Pedroia wore number 15 for the first time and earned his rookie of the year, and helped the team win the World Series. I love those two above all else on the team.  

 But there are other like able guys on the team too. Xander Bogearts should be an all star, 

 Mike Napoli deserves a standing ovation for his righteous beard, 

 Mookie Betts is the wonder boy with the chance to be a long time all star, 

 and the lovable Panda, Pablo Sandoval, is exactly that: talented and lovable. 

 I will follow this team the rest of my life the way I have for the first 20 years of my life. But at this point of the 2015 season, I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch this team for the rest of this season.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! THIS TEAM IS SO BAD!!!!!!!! They made some terrible trades last season that they should not have made. I counted them down last season at the deadline, and they have come back to bite the team in the posterior, especially on the pitcher’s mound. The starting rotation is as follows: 

Clay Bucholz: NO! NO! GET HIM OFF THIS TEAM! HE GETS INJURED TOO FREQUENTLY AND HAS TOO MANY GAMES WHERE HE GETS BLOWN UP!!! Couldn’t we have traded him in place of Lester or Lackey? 

 Joe Kelly: I want John Lackey back. Will St. Louis undo the trade we made to get you please? 

 Wade Miley: “I’m not performing and I’m gonna whine and moan about it.” 

 Rick Porcello: Eh. I don’t hate having him but he’s not living up to his potential.  

 Eduardo Rodriguez: SOLID GOLD OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!!!! PLEASE PITCH EVERY GAME!! Ok, I know you can’t but that would be a better option than whatever else we have on the roster right now! even after having one bad game today vs Toronto. 


Oh wait, wrong Eduardo Rodriguez.  

 There we go. 

3 disasters, one mild disappointment and one high flying performer. No wonder the Sox can’t win games this season. My dad always argues that the key to all baseball teams is how good your starting pitcheing is. You can’t win without it. Right now, the Sox don’t have it. Granted, it’s not all the pitching’s fault. The offense hasn’t been at its best either. Whiffing with men in scoring position, failing to score when needed, and choking away late game situations. Aye…

But the real problem with the team is the pitching staff. The worst ERA in the AL, the worst starters record in the league, they’ve allowed the most hits and runs in the league, and are only 10th in the league in strikeouts. They seem incapable of doing anything right, except for Eduardo Rodriguez (barring today’s destruction against Toronto) and Koji Uehara. If they’re in the game, something good can happen. If not, set your timer to see how quickly the team implodes. Watching this team is like watching a Shakesperean tragedy, you know something bad is going to happen, it’s just not clear how, where, or when the disaster will arrive. They’ve lose 6 straight games, are 10 games under .500, and they’re 8 games out of the division, which by the way is being held by the Yankees!!!! Aye… This is worse than when Bobby Valentine was managing the team. 

I was at Opening Day this season, which was a picture perfect day both visually and on the field. There was so much optimism and hope that the team could be pretty good! And now, there is nothing but despair, wailing and gnashing of teeth in Red Sox Nation. I have given up on the Red Sox for this season. I hope they win some more games, and I will support them, but I do not think anything above a losing record will come from the team this season unless they blow up the starting rotation. The only reason I would watch them? Well I’ll need some sports to watch after the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals end, and before the Pats begin defense of the Super Bowl

Well, I guess I have to embrace sloshing team for the end of this season… Great… Brewster Whitecaps, please win some games! I need at least one baseball team to be respectable! 


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