I love you Paul, but the Clippers??

Paul Pierce is my favorite basketball player ever. I grew up with duels between him and Lebron James as the norm in May in the playoffs. I watched him shoot his way into the hearts of Boston fans and become the least talked about legend this side of Tiny Archibald. He survived what should have been a deadly stabbing in 2000, and was the only Celtic to play all 82 games that season. He is the 2nd leading scorer in franchise history, behind John Havlicek, and is a hero in Boston always and forever.   

 Having said that, why Paul?? Pierce opted out of his deal with the Washington Wizards. He became a free agent and speculation ran as to where he would go. He’s from LA, and Doc Rivers coaches the Clippers, both wildly appealing factors.  

  But he is the greatest Celtic of the age, and honestly the only one of the 2008 championship team that should have his uniform number retired. (Sorry KG; you’re a phenomenal player, but you’re a great Timberwolf and didn’t spend enough time to get on the level of Russell, Bird, McHale, DJ, Sam Jones, or people like that.) Plus, the C’s are a team on the rise with one of the best coaches in the league. 

But alas, Pierce chose the Clippers, a team that in its entire existence has never made it to the Conference Finals, even in the early days of the franchise as the Buffalo Braves staring Bob McAdoo. 

   Maybe Pierce is the missing piece for the Clippers puzzle and can help them get to the Finals? Maybe. 

Regardless though, I’m still disappointed. I’ve written on this blog a few times before about how much I love the Boston Celtics and their history and I. When he eventually retires, I will write a big recap on Paul Pierce’s journey and career. He is my favorite asker all player and favorite athlete ever. I miss seeing him in Celtic green and I want to see Pierce back on the Garden floor. So when it was announced that Pierce signed a 3 year deal with the Clippers, I was disappointed. The Celtics lost out in a tough way, and the Clippers won in a big way today. 
Well we shall see what comes of the Clippers and Celtics in the days and season ahead. The Clippers will be better next year, and I expect Trader Danny to pull off a trade or get a free agent signing in the front court. But I’m still disappointed. The Clippers, Paul? Really?? I still love you Paul, but the Clippers? I mean good luck in LA, and please beat the Lakers badly. But the Clippers and not the Celtics?

3 thoughts on “I love you Paul, but the Clippers??

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