Pools are Nice

i wake up at 5 AM 5 days a week to go to a 6-2:30 work shift at the kitchen at a camp I went to as a kid. It’s a good job, but it wears me out. That’s why I’m very behind on the review projects I planned on doing on this blog of the golf courses and the ballparks of the Cape. I’m getting caught up on those, and I’ll get them out as soon as I can. 

For now though, I’m relaxing. I’m just chilling at the pool, reading a little and putting my troubles aside for a bit. There’s something wonderfully relaxing about taking a swim in cool water. It cools you off, washes you, and relaxes your muscles. It’s very nice. And note, I said cool, not cold water. Cold water has benefits, it’s why athletes use ice tubs, but it’s still FAR from pleasant. It’s not something I would willing do without some benefit beyond just relaxing my muscles. 

The best part of time spent at the pool? Time in the hot tub. Oh how I love hot tubs!! I love sitting down in wonderful warm water. It’s so calming and so perfectly relaxing. It’s the perfect change of pace from my usual schedule and a lovely cool down opportunity for me. When I have my own house, I will build a hot tub and I do want to use it frequently. Thank you Cape Cod for showing me that. 

If anyone reads this and hasn’t used a hot tub before, take a few minutes to just sit in one and let the hot water loosen you up. It’s marvelous! And it’s helping me get the energy needed to do my summer work. 

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