One Last Time: Back to Boston U!

Well, it has begun. I’m 21 years old, the summer has wrapped up nicely, the Red Sox are still in last place, Tom Brady is no longer suspended, and I am back where I feel at home: Boston. I’ve written several times now about how much this here, but this time is a bit different in both good and very interesting ways. 

First for the good. I’m now a senior at BU and I’ve only got one more year of college left! I’m back with my friends, doing things like going to Fenway (again),

bumming around the North End and Quincy Market,

and playing frisbee.

All of this while getting back into the radio studio and getting back to class work. The positives I can take from all of these are almost endless, but a quick summary is as follows. I’m back to my favorite city, am seeing some awesome friends, having many fun adventures and games, and learning a great amount in challenging classes. Complaints? None of those to be seen here. Only a fun year to be had. 

But wait, what did I mean at the start of the post when I said “interesting” ways? Well to keep it fairly simple, with the end of college starting to creep up on me, I have to start thinking about more long term career and Vocation paths. I mentioned before that I feel especially called to the sort of work I did over the summer, which you can read about here. That’s still my direction at this point. What’s also not changed is the slight problem that I’m not sure how to get there. When you lack an exact direction to the end goal you have, the process for reaching the final destination is always an interesting proposition. Throw in some hard work in classes, fixing up some friendships and relationships that need and deserve it, and top it off with the promise of more adventures from people I’ve not even met yet, and it’s certain that I’d be in for an interesting adventure. I don’t know what the end result or process would be for all this, but it will at least be an interesting ride. I’ll be sure to write about it on here and see where I end up at the culmination of it all. 

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