The Afterglow

I attended Cape Cod Sea Camps for 5 summers. I experienced camp joys, trials, fun, and the best it has to offer every single summer. I went back and worked at the camp in the kitchen this summer. It was a quite a fun job, and I liked being a part of camp the way I was; but it was not quite the same. If I could have been a counselor this year, I would have absolutely done it. Why? Read the words of Jordann and see what’s so great about camp.



By Jordann Marinelli 

There’s a time of night right after the sun has set, where the sky is not yet darkened but the sun has passed on the horizon. The sky is alit in warm pinks, reds, and oranges and in my opinion- it’s one of the most beautiful times of day. This is called the afterglow. Before this summer, I had never even heard this word. I didn’t know its literal definition and I couldn’t begin to describe it’s metaphorical one. The afterglow is happiness; the afterglow is a feeling of contentment. This summer was a long and beautiful day that ended in an amazing sunset and now, as the summer is over and I’m back at school, I’m living in the afterglow.

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As a kid, I begged my parents to let me go to sleep away camp, but for a multitude of reasons I was never able to…

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