MIT: Sports Home?

So I’ve written about my escapades calling games for BU many times. I’ve called swim meets, track meets, basketball games, hockey games, hosted radio shows, gone to playoff games with friends, lost bets on those games, and had many more adventures not recorded here. Today I expanded my horizons and worked Water Polo games at MIT. Yes you read that correctly, I called multiple competitions in a fringe sport at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a school known for 2 things: Brilliant academics and legendary drinking. Not really for their athletic prowess or school spirit. After today, I have a very different perspective on their athletic program. It’s quite fun! It’s a division 3 athletic school with competitive teams and good facilities. 

I also learned that I enjoy the sport of Water Polo! Think of it as a combination between the scoring strategies of basketball and soccer, the defensive strategies of the Detroit Pistons of the late 80’s and early 90’s, and some of the terminology of volleyball in a pool. It’s quite a tiring sport for the players and a remarkably fun sport to watch. It’s a pretty short game, only four 8 minute periods with temporary time stoppages after penalties, goals, timeouts, and after each period. Total game time tends to last for only about an hour to an hour 20 minutes. It’s over fairly quickly, but it’s still quite exciting and so much fun to call. Matter of fact, you can watch a replay of my broadcast via on demand videos on the MIT athletics website. Here’s the link to the first game, vs Connecticut College.

The on demand for the second game vs Brown will be posted when I have access to it. 

Thanks for a fun day MIT! You people know your sports!  


3 thoughts on “MIT: Sports Home?

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