David Ortiz, Loveable and Annoying

David Ortiz, I love watching you play baseball. You’re the best hitter in this age of Red Sox history, you deserve to have your number retired, and should be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Without you, the Red Sox would still be a cursed team and have no championships since 1918. You’ve brought smiles to the faces of Red Sox fans ever since your arrival in 2003, and put happiness into our hearts with your heroics in 2004 to topple the Yankees. We will love you forever on Yawkey Way. Well except for your seemingly endless complaints and your work to turn into the “Old man who yells at clouds”. And while it can be entertaining to watch a curmudgeon, it gets grating and old. Plus there are over the top moments like this one where you wrecked a phone and could have wrecked Dustin Pedroia!  

 So you go over the top… But I still appreciate the good stuff from your time here! Like the 500th career homer you hit vs Tampa, the playoff performances I’ve seen you put on, the way you swagger around and dress, and the winning attitude you have instilled in Red Sox fans(though it has been missing this season). It’s quite enjoyable watching your impact on the team. You were one of the first athletes I followed. You’ve bounced around on my list of favorite athletes, at times topping even Paul Pierce and Pedro Martinez. My room has one wall painted Red Sox red and bearing your image in the form of a Fathead. You’re one of the seminal athletes in Boston and were crucial in my early development as a fan. 

I’ve just been conflicted after reading the Players Tribune pieces on and by him. The pieces about his appreciation for Pedro Martinez(which far exceeds my own), the toughest pitchers he’s faced, and the best play he’s made are all excellent pieces and all fantastic reads for anyone even marginally interested in baseball or the Red Sox. I’d recommend all of them to you to read. The one piece that got me to raise an eyebrow was in the “What the blank” section, a piece where the player being featured is asked a series of question and has to write his answer in the blank space beneath the question. These are insightful and entertaining, mostly. The one that’s insightful and very problematic for me is this one. When asked what his dream job would be if he weren’t an athlete, he responded by writing “pornstar”. Uh……… Ok? I guess I can’t really fault him for honesty but why?…. Having heard this guy thank God in victory speeches many times over, shouldn’t he know that there is a problem with his non athletic dream job and the Christian Faith in general? And in general, I lose a bit of respect for people who have that as a dream job. Knowing how ugly it is and how much I like David, I read that and though “Why?” 

I’m still a fan of his for what he’s doing on the field and how he carries himself off the field, I just lost a bit of respect for him off it is all. Come on David, aren’t there better things to aspire to? Oh wait, you’re doing one of those now, baseball. I’ll just enjoy and appreciate that while you’re still hitting well with us. Well that and then these cute moments of you holding a baby. These help you a bit.  


2 thoughts on “David Ortiz, Loveable and Annoying

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