Men’s Basketball: John Papale Q&A

I got to talk to one of the captains of that BU Men’s basketball team, John Papale. Here’s the interview I did.

WTBU Sports

By: Chris Lynch

The BU Men’s Basketball team will take the floor for opening night against Northeastern on Friday the 13th, at 7 p.m.

For that game, senior guard John Papale will take the floor for the 96th time in his successful BU career. Now a captain of the team, Papale will look to help the team to a conference championship in his final year at BU.

WTBU Sports got the chance to meet up with Papale and ask him a few questions just after the team’s practice on Wednesday night.

Q: First question I’ve got for you, how was practice today?

A: It was good! It’s a game practice, so there’s a lot more teaching from Coach and less up and downs for today’s practice. And all in all, I thought it was a good practice.

Q: I was going to say, how do you feel about playing Northeastern?

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