New Year, New Look

The last time I posted anything on this blog was in November. Since then, 2015 ended, Christmas came and went, my penultimate collegiate semester ended, and numerous other interesting events happened. With the start of a new year, I felt I needed to change a few things. One of them was the look and purpose of this blog. I took time away from writing here to do other work, and also because I wasn’t sure what I should be writing about, if at all.

I started this blog in March of 2014 after a few friends presented me with the 100 Happy Days Challenge, in which the participants take pictures of things that make them happy for 100 consecutive days. I created this blog to track the challenge. I’m pleased to have done the challenge. It helped yield some excellent memories and keep me reminded of how many good things there were then and are now in my life.

After that challenge ended, I created a new blog and had some good writing there, but not enough for me to continue managing the site. I returned to this site and redid the 100 Days challenge when things didn’t go my way for bits of the fall and winter of 2014. I kept writing on this blog, and completed that challenge again. Upon completion, I kept it titled 100 Happy Days of Chris and tried to keep producing content with the premise and intent of making it a normal blog for my own work and thoughts about various things. When the end of the semester rolled around, I got hit by a giant bit of writers block. I couldn’t find the inspiration to write about anything, and got tired of blogging. I took the semester off, and backed away from blogging.

Now that the calendar has switched to 2016, I’ve decided to completely change the formatting, color pallet, typeface, and title of this blog. I’m turning the blog into an opinion and observations blog. I have opinions and stories to share from time in school, broadcasting games, traveling, seeing and meeting people, and being in interesting places. I hope that someone sees this blog, reads the posts I have here in the future and enjoy what I have. I still have all my old posts from when this blog was entitled 100 Happy Days of Chris, and I hope people see and enjoy that content too.

New year, new content for a new look blog. Let’s see how the year goes!

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