Graduation: Time to Reflect

I’ve been running this blog since March 2014. Ever since then, I’ve been writing about topics ranging from sports history and past players, to long time heroes of mine. I’ve talked about school, faith, personal developments, funny stories, curious developments, and a complete change in template and title. Now, a major phase of my life is coming to an end. My collegiate career is ending. I will walk across the stage on Sunday morning at 9AM and receive my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Boston University. It will bring the complete end to my time as an undergraduate. I have held out as long as I can to not write some sappy post to look back, so I can have more time to reflect on my time here, and look back on my successes and failures at BU. I have had enough time, and here it goes. 

When I got to Boston, I was not ready to go to college. I was coming off a hard time to end my high school life, and was not prepared to handle the rigors of academic life at BU. I struggled mightily, and was not sure if I wanted to, or would, go back to school my sophomore year. But even in a hard year, there were plenty of things to look at and smile along with. The city responded beautifully to the bombings at the Boston Marathon. The city gave me many beautiful moments that inspired me to keep going and that drew me back in when I didn’t want to go back. I did also have a few academic successes that showed me I could do the academic work at BU. But most of all, I met an unbelievable group of friends who drew me into the school and made me happy to be a Terrier. The friends I met at the Boston University Catholic Center are the single biggest reason I stayed at BU, and the events of my sophomore year proved that in a big way. I found my stride, had some real academic success, grew in my spirituality in ways I never thought I could. I started this blog and saw my life grow and mature in leaps and bounds, and I loved every second of my sophomore year. Then I ran into a difficult time with my junior year. I struggled with my class work again and had a difficult time trying to adjust out of the College of General Studies, where I was for my first two years, and into the College of Arts and Sciences, from where I will graduate. I ran on a broken heart after a relationship fell apart, and I slugged through the rest of the year. But the other best part of college came my way, WTBU. I started covering BU Men’s Basketball for WTBU Sports and hosting a radio show with my friends at the studio, and I fell head over heels in love with the work I got to do in that studio. I found a home, and made my time that year so much better. Then, after the best summer of my entire life, I came back to BU for the best year of my college life. I did alright in my classes, finding success in classes that I hadn’t before. I found more joy and fun in the BUCC, and I found so much affirmation and entertainment in my work at WTBU. I had such an amazing year, topped off by a stressful finals week, fixing past relationships, finding jobs in unlikely places, and finding a way to hear God’s voice in all the madness that surrounded me. 

Wow. That is an incredible amount to take in and understand. So ultimately, it was an ugly, complicated, messy journey. But it was every bit beautiful as it was ugly. I have gotten to the end, and I am happy to say that I have completed this journey and this phase of my life. Who knows what the next phase looks like exactly? I’m still figuring out what my job situation looks like for a full time job. I’m still keeping a sense of optimism about what’s next, and after the trials I ran into here on Commonwealth Avenue, there’s not much that can knock that out of me. 

So, I need to thank everyone who’s been with me on my journey, and thank everyone who’s challenged me to improve and find my way and have supported me. If you read this, and know what my college journey looked like at all, know that you are appreciated, and know that I am thankful for every single person I’ve met. Below are a few pictures of my time at BU that sum up my time here, and show where I’ve been and how I’ve traveled through this madness. Thank you for everyone who has been here with me. 

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

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