The descriptions underneath explain the original purpose of the blog when it was called 100 Happy Days of Chris. I started this blog back in March of 2014 as a place to show some of the lighter things in life. I did the 100 Days Challenge twice, and got great lessons from both runs through it. Now I have now changed the format and purpose of the blog. This is a place for me to share my opinions, experiences, stories, and thoughts. I mostly talk about sports stuff, but I can discuss political matters, history, religious discussions, and many other points of discussion. I hope people can find something enlightening, entertaining, and fun here.


A few friends of mine came to me and said that they were doing a 100 happy days challenge.  I took them up on the offer. So this blog will track the things that make me happy for the next 100 days.  These will typically be either sports, school, family, food, politics, or something in that vein. Hope you enjoy my journey to happiness! And I hope this helps makes you happier too!

The first challenge was completed back in June. But I’ve had an interesting transition time and lots of things happen in my life in the fall semester of 2014. I feel like I need to ground myself again, so I’ve decided to redo this challenge and remind myself of all the great things of my life, friends, family, work, school, sports, etc etc. Hope you enjoy what I have to share!

Well both challenges have been completed. Now this is my main blog where I share the cool things that happen in my life. Hopefully the fine readers in the blogosphere enjoy what I write!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love how positive all your posts are, and the 100 days challenge is such a great idea! What a wonderful way to reflect on the little joys and find gratitude in them!

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