Out of Musical Retirement

For my entire time in in high school, I was an active member of my school’s dramateurs. I did 13 shows in my time at Northwest Catholic and loved it. After my school time ended, I did tech for some shows my freshman year at BU. I enjoyed it, but other complications kept me from doing anymore BU shows and I missed being on stage. I joined my town’s summer theatre troupe in 2013 and returned in 2014, doing Guys and Dolls and On The Town respectively. When my last performance of On The Town began, I got the sense that this would be the last time I’d be in a show, at least for a long time. I wasn’t gonna do anymore BU theatre and I would have to jump into the professional world after college, leaving no time for the intricate and demanding schedule of a full musical. I was content with that being my last show and had one of the best runs of any show I ever did. It was a great way to end my time on the stage. It stayed that way for two years, and then this summer happened. 

Early this month, on the last day of the Whitecaps season, my coworker at JoMamma’s approached me with an interesting proposition. He is the lead in a production of Grease, over at the Acadamy Playhouse in Orleans, the town next to Brewster. I had seen the show with my mom earlier in their run and liked it. So how would I like to be in it? Well apparently someone was going to unexpectedly leave the show and the company needed someone to fill in for him to have a last week of shows. With my season over, and with some time before my job can start up, I decided to take him up on his offer. I’m back on the stage in Grease. And I only had 10 days to learn the whole part, which has been quite a challenge. 

I now appreciate so much more about theatre after being away from it for a couple years. Most importantly, I now understand the necessity of the rehearsal process. Seriously, the opportunity to practice a show with no audience watching is a marvelous thing. A bond needs to be developed between the actors, crew, and director in order to produce a great product. I’ve only had 10 days to learn the lines, music, choreography, blocking, and get my costume together. It is a rush to get everything together, and I understand why the rehearsal process is now completely required. Thankfully, im not taking over for a major role, so I can pick up everything in the time I have. 

Coming back to theatre after two years is a remarkable experiece. It is also quite jarring after hanging out with baseball players all summer. There is a very different dynamic between ball players and theatre people. It’s not a bad thing, I’m just not used to it. I’m adjusted back to it now and I remember why I love theatre. The creative process of figuring out how to make a character respond, working with other actors, understanding the music, getting the dance steps correct, and getting the applause of the audience for a job well done are wonderful. There aren’t many times you can work with a talented group of people, entertain people, and have a grand time doing it. I’ve had a marvelous time doing all the things listed above. Well I’ve done everything except the applause part. I have my first performance tomorrow night and I’m performing in Grease until next week Saturday. If you wanna come see it, I’d love it! So would the whole cast and crew. They’ve been working so hard on the show and they invited me to go along for the ride. I’ve loved it so far and I’m excited for the chance to perform tomorrow night. Check the website below if you want to see. Hopefully I break a leg!