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My Home Ball Field: Stony Brook Field Review

My jobs on Cape Cod are underway now. Work at camp is treating me nicely, if only the kids would not be so messy… Well hopefully they learn how to be cleaner as summer goes along! I have absolutely loved my work with the Brewster Whitecaps. We’ve had our first two games and we won both of them. I get to watch the games, write stories about them, interview the players, and sing the national anthem when needed. I absolutely love my work here, and I’m sure that I’ll be writing more about my baseball adventures on this blog over the summer.

This post is one of those baseball adventures, but not about my work specifically. When I published this post back in May, I said that I would be offering reviews of the golf courses and baseball parks I play at and visit over the summer. I’ve done a few golf course reviews and I have one more to write in my cue now. With the start of the Cape Cod Baseball League Season, I can begin the Baseball Park reviews. I’ll be judging the parks, for now the ones of the Cape League, based on a few different metrics: Comfort of Seats, Food, Sightlines, General Amenities, Total Baseball Atmosphere. Each metric will be on a 10 point scale, for a maximum of 50 points for a ballpark. Let’s begin with the park I’ll be spending the most time at this season, the home of the Brewster Whitecaps: Stony Brook Field.

Comfort of Seats: 7/10

With this ballpark, there are metal bleachers, like any high school field. There are also open places that you can set up chairs that you bring yourself. There are grassy hills above each of the baselines, and a hill in centerfield overlooking the field. The grass is comfortable to set up a blanket on, and the field is pretty nice to look at from these hills. But the metal bleachers cost points for how unforgiving they are on your back if you sit for long enough.

Food: 9/10

The food is provided by the Brewster Skippers, an intrepid group of girls from Brewster who competitively jump rope across the country and internationally. They sell candy, popcorn, and various ballpark staple foods like hot dogs and burgers for a pretty good price. Plus the profits are split 50/50 between the Whitecaps and the Skippers. It helps the team, the skippers, and keeps us fed with pretty good food. And I’m a pretty big fan of all that. The one point off? Not a great selection of hot foods. But the smaller selection is all pretty good food, so I can look past that.

Sightlines: 7/10

If you’re sitting above the field on one of the hills, you have an excellent view, for the most part. Center field allows you to see everything, and the 3rd base hill has a good view of the field too. Most of the hill above 1st base allows a good view, except the part furthest down the line right above the dugout, which can block your view of 1st base. The real problem with the sight lines is the poles and chain link fence right around the plate. It keeps people from being able to see parts of the field depending on where you’re sitting. That costs some real points.

General Amenities: 8/10

Everything that is needed for a ballpark is accounted for. Bathrooms, food, seats, and parking. Everything is here. Only points off are for the bathrooms being school bathrooms, as the field is attached to Stony Brook School. But that’s not really too bad.

Total Baseball Atmosphere: 9/10

The Whitecaps are a smaller organization in the Cape Cod Baseball League. It makes sense, seeing as how Brewster is one of the smallest towns on the cape. But the atmosphere for baseball is absolutely fantastic. The park is intimate enough for a ball game, comfortable on a sunny day, and the sound of kids playing on the playground and then going to enjoy a ballgame with their parents is fantastic. Plus the PA announcer, for the Whitecaps, the incomparable Jim Nowak, is the best PA man in the league, and among the best PA people I’ve ever seen. Only bad point? Seats are a bit uncomfortable, but not so terrible that it hurts the atmosphere.

Total score: 40/50

An excellent ballpark, with good fans, good food, enjoyable atmosphere, fun place to be for kids and parents alike. My complaints are relatively minor ones. You should go here if you can! Take a look at the schedule to see when our games are!  http://www.brewsterwhitecaps.com/2015-schedule.html

Opening Day!

Well, today was a day of respectful obligation for all baseball fans. Opening Day!

I got to watch a bit of the first Red Sox game of the season in the basement of the Catholic Center at BU. It has a sweet plasma television, and lots of good at no marginal cost. It’s pretty sweet! And throughout the game, my parents and I were texting each other about what was going on. My dad was lucky enough to be at the game, and he had a great time at the park. The ballpark in Baltimore, where the game was today, is a great ballpark. It’s a ton of fun seeing a ball game there.

The only thing that would have made the day better for him at the park, and me in Boston, was if the Red Sox had won. But alas, Baltimore beat the Sox fair and square. But it was only the first game of a 162 game season. There is hope for the Sox and all teams! Even the Cubs!

The dialogue in my family and the start of the baseball season tops tonight’s list of good things. Let’s go Red Sox!