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Lynch Family Thanksgiving in Photos

My family gets together every year at Thanksgiving for a vacation filled with plenty of good eats, excellent alcohol, smack talk, games, football, stories, and dogs to go around. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and it reminds me that I have plenty to be thankful for in my life. It’s an awesome experience, and I haven’t written about anything not sports related in a while, so I’m gonna take a step back from the sports writing and share a few pictures from Thanksgiving in Lyme, New Hampshire. Here’s how the Lynch family spends Thanksgiving. 

Someone let the youngins operate the Gator. Only in New Hampshire

Here’s the Turkey!

Into the woods!

Don’t drive off without me dad!

No food for you!

What’s up kitty?

Can he even kick right?

Nice, warm fire

I know the feeling, pup

Our first night desert. This was quite delicious.

Between downs in the game.

Here’s the table before the meal

There’s a hunter out there

Where’s our food?

Obi’s looking for some company.

How does this game work?

NBA Finals Recap

Well the NBA Season is finally over and it was quite an ending series. I know this wrap-up is a few days late, but I’ve been working! Plus the few days between the end of the season and now have helped me process a few things and I now have a few thoughts to get across here. 

Before the series got underway, I gave a prediction that the Warriors would win in 6. I ended up being 100% correct. How they would win did surprise me a little bit, though. No one expected that Kyrie Irving would go down with a bad injury. No one expected that the Cavs would be that competitive after Kyrie went down. So why did they stay competitive? Because LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world and he showed that masterfully. He averaged 35.8 points, 8.8 assists, and 13.2 rebounds a game. He was the best player on the floor for every game, except game 4. The Cavaliers had the best player in the world and no one else. Matthew Dellavadova played good defense, but his play was overhyped by people like Skip Bayless and he was beat by Curry in games 5 and 6, which cost his team the series. Tristan Thompson played well, but wasn’t quick enough to give enough offense. Timofey Mozgov had one spectacular game in game 4, but no one else played well enough to give Cleveland a win, as they were blown out at home. And the rest of the bench was weak, with Shawn Marion and Kendrick Perkins there in cameo roles at the end of championship careers. 

Golden State was the better team the whole way. ESPN frequently set up the series as a duel between Steph Curry and LeBron James. It’s an easy dichotomy to try and work with, and the NBA has done this sort of thing to market its series with varying levels of success in the past. 

Russell vs Chamberlain was a fabulous success because they were the best players at the most important position of the day: Center. They won many championships and combined for some of the best match ups of NBA history.  

 Magic vs Bird was also a fabulous success because the Celtics and the Lakers were involved, they had similar roles on their teams, and were two of the greatest players of all time.  

 Hakeem vs Ewing worked because of the similar position and role in the team, and because of the college connection. But it didn’t last beyond 1994.  

 Clyde Drexler vs Michael Jordan was interesting. Same position, same roles, great teams. But it only lasted a year, 1992, and Jordan was so clearly the better player and it wasn’t that terribly interesting a matchup, to be honest.  


Steph Curry vs LeBron doesn’t really work because while the two are the best players on their respective teams, they play completely different styles of ball. Curry thrives on his ball handling, passing, and shooting. He is the epitome of a finesse player. But he isn’t big or strong and hasn’t shown that he can take a beating like Allen Iverson could, for example. LeBron James is a physical freak. He can play physical basketball better than most who’ve ever played. His dunks are monster jams like no one else, and he can make interior passes like no ones business. But he can’t shoot the outside shot at effectively. These two are not comparable players and they are not rivals! They are too different to be comparable players. 

The series wasn’t a duel won by Curry over LeBron, it was a battle between Cleveland and Golden State, and Golden State was a better total team. Curry had a cold start, but special games in the 5th and 6th games. Thompson was consistently good. Draymond Green played well, and Andre Iguodala was special when he was out in the starting lineup. While LeBron was the best total player in the series, Iguodala could to defend LeBron and limit him enough to give Golden State a chance to win. And his offense was enough to put the Warriors over the top.  

 The team was better than Cleveland’s injury riddled mess of a basketball team. The series was that simple. 

  Now to take a few months off from hoops before the next NBA season! 

Family Game Night! Strategy and Bargaining

When all four members of my family, me, my mom, dad, and brother, are all gathered together, we always play some board games, card games, or have some form of friendly competition. Tonight was game night and the game of choice was Settlers of Catan. This game requires serious patience, negotiating skills, and a willingness to renege on previous contracts to win. So basically its the best way to learn how to play the political game. It always takes a few hours, always is filled with hilarious moments, like when it seemed that 6 of 8 consecutive rolls came up 7, which costs people resources and shuts off a production tile, or the funny kibitzing that consistently happens in any game of ours. It was a friendly reminder of all that I love about being home with my family. I’m gonna settle in, as I’ve got a few more weeks of this!


So I had a great day with my family, filled with more food, stories, games, and whatnot. And I’m writing my post today about Yahtzee, a dice game played with only 4 of my family after all the major festivities. Why? Well first and foremost I won both games we played, so that was pretty sweet. But the real reason is because the Yahtzee games will be the last time my entire immediate family will be together for the Thanksgiving break.

After a few days with the entire extended family, my parents and brother went to dinner for just the 4 of us, and retreated back to our winter place in Quechee, Vermont. We had a nice dinner, then returned home to get a round of games in. My brother will return to Burlington, VT tomorrow morning to resume work for his Masters at UVM, so this is the last time we will all be together for a night.

Tonight’s game du jour: Yahtzee. It’s a simple, but fun game that is all luck, no skill. Well you have to have the skill of planning the game given what the roll gives you and what spaces on your score card you have open. You need to be able to do math in this game, to tabulate your score, and to show that your basic addition skills are still intact. It’s a great deal of fun. Especially with sarcasm, trash talking, and strategy talk left and right. Great way to end the break.

Wait, end the break? Well effectively yes. Tomorrow will be spend doing class work and I’m covering the BU Men’s Basketball game on Sunday at the Roof at the Case Gym at 1pm. If you’re in Boston then, you should go there! It’s a good team in BU and will be entertaining basketball. Plus I’m covering it!

Anyway, it was a good way to effectively end my break. Back to work! IMG_4689.JPGIMG_4692.PNG

Family game night! Fun!(except when I lose)

My family plays a ton of games at home. Mario Kart, card games, tons if board games, dominoes, dice games, you name it and we’ve likely played it. We had the whole family together for the first time in a while, and we got to play tonight.

We have a mixed card and board game called Sequence that we enjoy playing. There’s a good amount of strategy, thought, and timing in the game, and fun jokes and trash talking to go around. The only thing there is none of is table talk or kibitzing. That’s the hardest part of the game for us because we talk strategy throughout every game that we play. Everyone has a comment, a wisecrack, a pun, a joke , or something to say about the game. It’s fun, and it makes playing Sequence hard, but oh well.

The only thing that was tough about the game was that we lost. The game is played by teams of two. My dad and I played against my mom and brother, and they completely thrashed us. Losing hurts. At least we got to play tonight. It only happens when we’re all together, so it was great to enjoy that time together. .


A winning team. This is fun!

The picture tonight is our IM Softball team walking off Nickerson Field with another win on this season. Winning is a ton of fun. Winning a competition, proving that you’re good enough to do something is a great feeling. It makes you feel very accomplished.

Tonight was our 4th and final IM Softball game before the playoffs start. To win this game makes us a lock for the playoffs, and quite possibly makes us the #1 overall seed in the playoffs. The way we won today was gratifying too. We won a close game. It came down to the very last inning. Down by a run, I got on with a base hit. Next hitter hit it to short, and I moved to 2nd. There was a wild throw on the play, so I moved to 3rd. Connor, the smallest player on our team hit the ball to right field, and I came home to tie the game. The ball kept rolling out there and the runner behind me and Connor all came in to score. We won the game 7-5 on a 3 run walk off homer.

That’s a great feeling. Now I see why David Ortiz enjoys doing that so much. Walking off the field victoriously is seriously addicting. I hope our team keeps winning in the playoffs! Now to win in the classroom.