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Lessons learned from this challenge

This challenge has been very fruitful and successful for me! It’s been a blast sharing my thoughts and experiences that make me happy and make me smile on a daily basis. I have a few wrap up lessons and important developments from these 100 days. In no particular order, here are the 3 things I will most happily take away from this.

1. A new relationship.
I’ve started a more serious dating relationship with a friend from BU who did this challenge with me. She’s been a friend for a while before this challenge and the most recent school year. But we started talking about this during this challenge, and we became much closer friends over the year. Now we’re together! I’d ask for your prayers and your support here, for both of us.

2. Life is a beautiful ride.
I have a fantastic life. And I have come to realize how amazing it is after I put some real effort in to looking at it. Now that I see all the little things that make my life great, I have such a great appreciation for how beautiful a journey life is, even when it’s difficult. I’ll move forward much more optimistic and positive.

3. God is truly great.
I had a pretty good sense of faith in my life at the start of the challenge, and since then I have only gotten stronger there. I have seen the might and power that God has, and the way He can change your life if you let Him in.

I hope that the people reading this post will look back over my other posts and will see something beautiful here. Hopefully this will help you grow happier, more faithful, and more honest in your own lives!

To take a line from a good broadcaster I sometimes watch, I’ve done all the damage I can do here. Good night, and God bless!

Chris Lynch