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Come Holy Spirit! Come open my heart.

It’s the weekend of Pentecost. This is my favorite feast not named Christmas or Easter. It’s my favorite because it is all about the Holy Spirit, which is the most fascinating part of the Triduum because we don’t know as much about Him as we know about the other two. He takes different forms, appears in many different capacities, and works behind the scenes in all of our lives, in ways that the Father and the Son do not by their very nature.

I have this vision of him as the techie of the Trinity. He works relatively quietly, compared to the Father who created all things in the world and the Son who’s most powerful action is the most talked about and important event in salvation history. The Spirit works behind the scenes, but He works miracles.

He opens people’s hearts in a way unique to the Trinity. As with all of the members of the Trinity, we have to be willing to let Him in, and then once we do, miracles will happen. The Spirits miracles and influences are more clearly shown and easier to see, in my own experience at least, than the other Two members of the Trinity. If you let the Spirit in, you will be more bold, more secure in your faith, and ready to live it. So on this Pentecost weekend, if you have a hard decision to make, or someone you need to talk to, or a hard piece of your faith that’s been bugging you, or anything that needs a bold decision or action, let the Spirit in! He’ll do wonderful things for you, as He has done with me.

God bless you all.