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Lectoring at Mass

Sunday’s mean Mass for me. Mass means a chance to collect myself, reflect on the week, and listen to God. It also affords a chance to be involved in the service. For my involvement, it’s usually in choir, or some small in-sundry thing, like doing the collection, or bringing the gifts to the altar. Today, I was a lector. I did the first and second of three readings at Mass. I often read at Mass. I’ve lectored since I was in middle school. It’s a cool way to practice some useful public speaking skills, like diction, pitch, projection, etc etc. While working on useful skills like that, you also learn more about the faith. Today’s readings are here, if you’d be interested in seeing them exactly. http://usccb.org/bible/readings/012515.cfm

The homily explaining these three readings centered on how incredible God is and how amazing the possibility of being with Him is. Also discussed was the idea of Pascal’s Wager. And the notion that God is so incredible, and we have to take a chance on Him. It’s one that I’m willing to take. And it’s one that I bought into a while ago.

Reading at Mass reminds me of that we need to be active in our faith, if we are ever to get closer to God, and that it’s completely possible to be involved in Mass even if you’re not in the clergy, or (and I say this with no offense to members of the clergy) not interested in joining the clergy. I have other places I’m called to be. I still need to be involved in my faith. We all do.


Curl up with a good book

The most common gifts exchanged for Christmas in our family are books. Depending on the person receiving, the books range from fictional detective stories, to sports histories, to ancient lore, to anything in between. Me? I mostly get political tales, sports stories, or biographies of cool people. To relax over vacation, and to use up time with something productive, I’ve been curling up on the couch and delving into my books. First a book about sportscasting, then one on the 2004 Red Sox, then one on Ted Williams. I’m feeling like there’s a trend here. It was nice to enjoy a good quality book!