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I’m Tired

Its been exactly a year since I ended my first run of the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Here’s what I wrote at the end of the challenge.


Since that time, well let’s just say it’s been eventful and call it a day. I don’t have the time or space here to go through all that’s happened in the year since then. So I’ll sum it up with a simple two word phrase: I’m tired.

I’ve been through a long summer job and fantastic show last summer, two tumultuous semesters, a hard breakup, a whirlwind adventure in the broadcasting world at BU, and an interesting (if hard) spiritual development. And all I feel at the end of it is tired; absolutely drained.

I should say this before anything else, I’m not in a bad position. I have my health, I have many good things in my life, and I have a spectacular summer ahead of me. I’m not doing badly, I’m just worn down. It’s as if I’ve gained 5 years in just 1. As if I became a 40 year old soul in a 20 year old’s body. And I’m not sure how good that is.

I still have enough energy to work and function as per usual, and I’m still in many respects the same guy. I’m still up for an adventure into a city I’ve not been to. I still love doing sports stuff. In fact I might love it more now than at any other point in my life. I still love God and the Catholic Church. I still love having political discussions and trying to reach a good and truthful conclusion on hard issues. I still have so much fun with many of the same things that I’ve enjoyed for years now. I just don’t have the energy level I once did. At least it feels that way.

When I was a kid, I was the energizer bunny. I could go for hours and hours and hours, playing baseball, running through my yard, biking, talking, doing whatever. I always had a reserve tank of energy. I could always power through a day, regardless of how long, and still have energy to spare at the end of it. I could still do that going back to the early days of college. I can still kinda pull it off now. But I can’t do it on demand. I’m also not as full of energy on a normal basis as I was even last year. My most frequent response to people asking me “How are you?” has been “I’m tired” or some variation of that. It’s a little alarming, but I’ve accepted it as where I am right now.

I hope that a summer on the cape will reenergize me and get me nice and recharged. This place has done that so many times before. I know that baseball can do that for me too. Again, it’s done it so many times for me before. But I’ll need a huge reset from this summer. It’ll be a long process, but I think I’m up for it and It’ll be a fruitful summer. In many respects it already has been. TRL Hockey took me on as a staff writer and the Brewster Whitecaps have given me some excellent work on the young season. It’s been a pleasure being around them and they’ve started the recharge. I just need the rest of the summer for it to run its course. For now at least, I’m still tired!!

Vocal Rest

I’ve been very unkind to my voice the last few days. I’ve done a radio show, worked a track meet for Public Address work, and screamed my voice out watching the Super Bowl and celebrating it on the streets after the game. Fun? Yes. Enjoying? Yes. Good for my voice? Not in the least bit. Before and after my radio show today I had to be completely silent, more or less. I only said a little in passing to some people and had one or two extended conversations today, and those were both with my roommate. The rest of the time I was silent. If you know me you are now thinking something like “Huh? Chris being quiet for a bit? Such an idea is possible? Such an event has actually happened?” Oh yes. When needed, I can sit back and be quiet. I can be pensive, reflective, and listen when I have to be. I actually find it relaxing to be off on your own for a time, so you can reflect on the things you need to, and God knows I need to reflect on many things. I was happy for the chance to be pensive, but I need to take better care of my voice so that I don’t have any future problems, or that I end up like Johnny Most, as heard here.

Sleep: Man’s best friend

Since returning to Boston, I’ve had mixed nights of sleep. Sometimes, I sleep wonderfully through the night. Sometimes I wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go in the morning! Others, I’d rather not be up at all. Wednesday morning was one of the latter mornings. I was groggy and tired, and I didn’t want to get out of bed yet. I was lucky that I don’t have a class on Wednesday, and I could afford to get a little more rest! I’ll do a better job of getting to bed early as the days go along.

Oh, if you need more evidence for why you should sleep well, click on the link below to find out.