Needed Koji time. WE WIN!!

I’m a Red Sox fan. That’s an understatement, and everyone who knows me and is reading this is thinking, “No duh”.

But it’s been hard this season to be a fan of the sox. They’ve been struggling all season. And for much of the game tonight, I felt that we were gonna lose. Then David Ortiz reminded us why he’s Big Papi, crushing a 3 run homer to give the Sox a lead over the Detroit Tigers, the best team in the American League now.

And we have the ball to our best pitcher, Koji Uehara. He’s our closer, our lights out guy, and the guy all Red Sox fans love the most because he’s so happy to pitch. He’s 12 for 12 in save opportunities, has an ERA under 1, and has a ton of fun doing it. To show why he makes me happy, watch these videos of Koji. Watch and smile. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Needed Koji time. WE WIN!!

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